Gry Osnes & Mark Solms
1-day Professional Development Workshop, PDW3

This educational workshop on coaching and consulting in the areas of entrepreneurship and family businesses combines presentation of both theory and case studies. Participants are invited to bring cases for exploration and discussion.

It has the following aims:

Aim 1. To enable consultants and coaches to support and work for/with entrepreneurship groups, family owners and family businesses. The focus is creating strategic capacities for resilient and healthy businesses and families. Risks and challenges such as rivalry, envy, potential for conflict or stagnation will be discussed as the polarity to healthy and resourceful strategic capacities.

Aim 2. A new understanding of drive and feelings applied to ownership cases. Affective neuroscience has revised and renewed our ability to understand emotional drives. It is an understanding that builds on Freud’s insights, informed by the latest scientific discoveries that broaden and deepen our understanding. The program will give an introduction to the drives that are engaged when we are curious and excited, have fun, feel safe, and care; also what is happening when we experience grief/mourning, fear-anxiety, rage and other destructive feelings.

Aim 3. To learn about the unique group tasks involved in long-term strategic thinking for owners. Drive and the evolution of ownership are discussed loosely in a transitional and strategic capability approach. Through the case preparation and discussion, we will explore how affects, or drives, contribute to developing strategic capabilityin entrepreneurship and family ownership, where issues such as succession and/or incubation of new ventures are important long-term strategies.

Four to six participants can present a case. The case may be one’s own, or another entrepreneurial business. If one aspires to have such a client, one can conduct interviews with one or several members of such a case.

The case would preferably be presented in a way that can be sent to, or brought with, the workshop. It can be as straightforward as a 300-500 words description. Gry Osnes will be available before the workshop ( for questions with regards to case presentations.


The workshop is a new venture in integrating affective neuroscience with system psychodynamics and we will invite and partake to reflections on this process.