Social dreaming provides an opportunity to explore our shared dreams as a window into our daily interactions, helping to advance our learning and development.

In Social Dreaming, we focus on the dreams and not the dreamer. By weaving dream images, feelings and associations we are able to explore these patterns to create new meaning. Social Dreaming thus transcends the individual; by listening and associating to dreams in a community of dreamers we learn more about our organizations, culture and society.

Whether for strategy, leadership, ideation, negotiation, consultancy or coaching etc., the transformative potential of Social Dreaming has been instrumental in advancing collective cohesion, consciousness and innovative development. Sharing dreams in a Social Dreaming Matrix can evoke a sense of reverie, connection, curiosity, playfulness, energy and a desire to transcend habitual notions of polarities, re-generating our capacity to engage with wonder in the un-known.

The ‘hosts’ for the Social Dreaming events will be Nicola Wreford-Howard and Marc Maltz.