The Walls Within

Working with Defenses against Otherness

29 June−5 July 2020

The Theme: Thirty-one years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, walls are back in the business of excluding ‘otherness‘. While insurmountable barriers are being raised at the behest of neo-authoritarian leaders, walls as internal defenses keep individuals, organizations and societies not only from dealing with the disruptions caused by migrants but also from coping with changes raised by the innovations of ‘others‘. The Berlin Wall as a symbol reminds us so far to the futile attempt to keep people from getting into contact with the unwanted and incomplete coming from the other side. To progress, we open the walls within and take up relations to the other.

ISPSO’s AM2020 is dedicated to examining these walls within as defenses against otherness. We welcome you 30 meters away from the former Berlin Wall between Checkpoint Charlie and the Jewish Museum. The Russians are coming. And the Americans, the French and the British hopefully, too. The Planning Committee on behalf of the ISPSO Board is pleased to invite ISPSO members and non-members from all countries to participate in discussing ideas, issues and questions raised by the challenges that they present.

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AM2020 Berlin Features

AM2020 Features


Committee Welcome

Join us for The ISPSO Annual Meeting in Berlin for a unique conference & symposium gathering – amongst members, guests, speakers, leaders, HR professionals, consultants, psychoanalysts and many intellectually curious people from all over the world.

The ISPSO AM2020 Conference will be held at the
Forum Factory Berlin, from 29 June to 5 July 2020.

The week-long program will follow the ISPSO framework of Workshops over three days,
Members’ Day including the Annual General Meeting, followed by three days of the Symposium with paper presentations, forums and social events.
The 2020 ISPSO symposium theme is “The Walls Within – Working with Defenses against Otherness

The psychoanalytic study of organizations utilizes psychoanalysis as a practice of regeneration.
In studying dynamic processes, psychoanalytic approaches influence the inner “life” of the organization as those in it observe, reflect and examine it.
This may occur at the level of individuals, groups, organizations, culture and/or society, through applied psychoanalytic practice,
applied and action research, or through commentary from psychoanalytically informed observers.
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Please email if you have any questions.
We look forward to meeting you at the AM2020 in June 2020!

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